Moving and Updating Appointments in the Schedule with Drag & Drop


The schedule can be found by clicking on “Schedule” in the top navigation.

The schedule shows you all of your active jobs and appointments on the calendar. The calendar is viewable by month, week, day, or list. You can change the calendar view by clicking on the different views in the top right of the calendar toolbar.

In this article we will discuss the interactive appointment scheduling features of the calendar.

Drag & Drop Appointments

The month view provides functionality to quickly drag and drop appointments to new days. To move an appointment to a new day, click and drag the event over the new day and drop. The schedule will move the appointment to the new day and keep it scheduled at the same time of the day as it was scheduled on the original day.

You can also drag and drop appointments to new days on the week view, however, the week view also allows you to drop the event to a new time on the destination day. If you want the appointment to move to a new day at the same time, drop the appointment over the same time on the new date. If you want to move the appointment earlier or later on the new date, drop the appointment over the new time on the new date.

The week view and the day view allow you to drag and drop appointments to new times on the same date. Click and drag the appointment to begin moving the appointment. Then drop the appointment over the new time to update it.

Resizing Appointments

Appointments can also be easily extended in the Schedule day view. Hover your mouse over the bottom edge of the appointment and the resize icon = will display. Drag and pull the edge down to lengthen the appointment or drag an push the edge up to shorten the appointment.


Here we will extend the service call for Green Properties through the end of the day. Drag the bottom edge down to 4:30 pm and release.

The appointment is updated immediately to reflect the new end time. Then we will move the drain cleaning appointment from 10am to 1pm.

Drag the appointment down and release over the 1pm time slot. The appointment will be updated immediately.



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