Navigating the Schedule


The schedule can be found by clicking on “Schedule” in the top navigation.

The schedule shows you all of your active jobs and appointments on the calendar. The calendar is viewable by month, week, day, or list. You can change the calendar view by clicking on the different views in the top right of the calendar toolbar.

In the center of the calendar toolbar is the focused date or month. Changing the focused date/month of the calendar is done by clicking on the < or > arrows in the left of the calendar toolbar. The default focused date of the calendar is Today. If you want to quickly navigate the calendar back to today. Click the Today button in the calendar toolbar.

Tip: clicking on a date in the month or week view will switch to the date view and focus on the date you selected.



The month view is the default view of the calendar. The display is similar to a wall calendar. Appointments are shown on the calendar on their appointment date and organized by start time. All day appointments will display at the top of a date. Also, multi-day appointments will display as spanning across all of the days the appointment is scheduled.

If there are too many appointments to show on a particular date in the month display you will see the “+ more” link.

Clicking on the “+ more link” will show all of the appointments on that date in an overlay on top of the date in the month view.


The week view displays the appointments in a agenda layout. Each day of the week Sunday-Saturday are listed horizontally as columns and the hours of the day are listed vertically as rows.


The day view is similar to the week view in layout. The day view agenda layout lists your employees horizontally as columns and the hours of the day are listed vertically as rows allowing you to see who is assigned to which jobs throughout the day.


The list view displays a list of all appointments for a day in order by their start time.


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