Navigating the menu


The FieldTech menu is atop of your screen at all times. When using your desktop computer or tablet the menu items are displayed horizontally across the menu.

On your mobile phone the menu can be expanded by tapping the  button in the top right corner of your phone screen. The menu will hide itself again if you press the  a second time or if you tap on an item in the menu.


Clicking this menu item will return you to your home dashboard.


This menu item will display a searchable list of your customers


This menu item will take you to to the calendar to view all scheduled work


This menu item expands to allow you to select from previously created ticket search lists or to begin a new ticket search list.


The items menu item takes you to a searchable list of all of your inventory items, services, and other billable items.


The users menu item displays a list of your company’s FieldTech users

Clicking the search icon will open the quick search from anywhere in the system. Allowing you to quickly return to recent tickets, customers, or items, lookup customers, or tickets.

Add New +

Quickly add a new customer, item, user, or ticket or templated ticket.


Edit company settings, billing or your user profile.

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