Editing Appointments


Appointments can be updated in the ticket editor in the appointments section as explained in the article,  Using the Ticket Editor or within the Schedule. This article will explain how to edit appointments using the Schedule.

Tip: You can quickly navigate to the ticket from the appointment dialog by clicking the  in the top right corner of the dialog box.

Editing Appointments

Appointments are edited in the appointment dialog or through the schedule drag/drop/resize features. To edit an appointment in the appointment dialog, click on the appointment in the schedule.

To change the date of the appointment, click on the date in the appointment time bar.

If the appointment will take more than a single day, click on the end date to change it accordingly.

If the appointment is for a whole day or you want to save the date but have not yet finalized the time of the appointment, click on the “All Day” checkbox. This will hide the time selectors from the appointment time bar.

If you need to specify the start and end time of the appointment, click on the time fields in the time bar and set them.

After setting the appointment dates and times you can also assign employees to the appointment in the attendees section. If employees need to be removed from the attendees list, click the x in the right corner of their attendee field to remove them.

You select an attendee by typing in their name in an open attendee box. If you need to add additional attendees, click the  to add additional attendee fields. As you type the users who most match what you are typing will show below the box. You can select one of those users at anytime by clicking on their name or by using the keyboard up/down arrows to highlight the correct user and pressing the ENTER key to select.

Tip: To quickly select the first result press the ENTER key.

Use the notes field if you have any additional information specific to the appointment or special instructions then click the  button to create the appointment. The appointment dialog will close and the schedule will be updated with your appointment changes.

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