Crew Rewards

Service Crews ™ is a trademark of Service Crews Software, LLC (“Crews”). Crews offers a Crews Rewards rebate program (the “Program”) to customers who request and obtain a free partner code from Crews after subscription. Customers who participate in the Program will receive a percentage rebate of their monthly service fee for each end user the participant adds to the Service Crews platform with their partner code, for each month that end user is a subscriber. Refer between 1 and 6 end users, and the rebate is 7% per subscriber; between 7 and 19 end users, and the rebate is 14% per subscriber; 20 or more end users, and the rebate is 21% per subscriber. Rebates will be applied to participant accounts monthly, at the time when the end user subscribers are billed for their
Service Crews subscriptions.

The Program may be terminated by Crews at any time upon 6 months prior written notice to Program participants. Upon termination, no new end users will be accepted into the Program, but existing partner codes will be honored and participants will continue to be rebated on the same basis for each subscribing end user who continues a monthly subscription for up to 24 months from the termination date.

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