Creating Ticket Templates

One of the most powerful features of Service Crews is that you can make your own types of tickets for the work you perform most. Estimates, work orders, and tasks can be “templated” to contain all of the information and items you normally use for a common job allowing you to schedule a customer for work you do most frequently in just a few clicks.

Adding a new template

To add a new template, expand the “Add” sub menu by clicking on the  icon in the menu bar. Under the Estimates, Work Orders, or Tasks section click Add Template to begin creating a new ticket template for an estimate, work order, or task ticket type.

The ticket template editor will open and you can begin defining your new template.

Fill in the summary field first. This will be the name of your new template. Here we are creating an estimate template for a 1/2 bath remodel so we will call it “1/2 bath remodel”.

Next we will add our items to the template. Focus on the item add row under items and begin typing the item names to add items.

Once we have added all of our items and quantities we are ready to save our template.

Click the  button on the right side of the bottom toolbar to save your new template. Your template is now ready to use and will be displayed in the “Add”  sub menu of the top menu bar.

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